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This page last modified 2012 December 22

About Pseudoastronomy

There is a growing fashion of using supposed astronomical evidence to validate claims for lost civilisations (LC), remarkable foreknowledge of astronomical events, etc. There is also the recurring crud about planetary alignments causing cataclysms on Earth.

Almost all of this is just plain wrong and the so-called evidence from astronomy is usually hopelessly inaccurate. This part of the web site will, as I have time, try to correct some of the misinformation that is promulgated by the various species of "alternative" (for which read "deceptive" or "pseudo") historians, doomsday predictors, etc.

I am leaving "old" stuff, like the May 2000 planetary alignment and the 2012 "Mayan apocalypse" in place, as a small reminder of how reason and evidence trumps Dunning-Kruger-compliant conspiracy theory every time.

To those who wish to tar me with the sobriquet 'debunker' (a pejorative term when used by the conspiracy theorists, etc.), I proudly plead guilty — utter bunkum deserves nothing other than to be debunked!