Dedicated to Outreach and Education in Practical Astronomy

Astunit Activities

The Astronomical Unit exists to make reliable astronomical information available to all. I do this through providing free information on this web site and undertaking outreach activities, including Star-tales (astronomy-based story-telling for children and adults), giving Astronomical Talks and running Astronomy Courses in the local community. These outreach activities are run both independently and in association with local astronomical societies, the National Trust, BBC Stargazing Live, local community groups, schools, colleges and adult learning centres.

I also run a companion website, The Binocular Sky, specifically for Astronomy with Binoculars.

Latest Updates

2014 Jun 30: Talks updated with Are We Alone?

2014 Jun 12: Astronomy Education & Science Fair Resources Links updated

2014 Mar 28: Talks updated with Star of Bethlehem

2013 Sep 23: Talks updated with Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You

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